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Marie Celleste

Brutus Empress of Ireland Lusitania Marie Celleste Sea Cadet 1 Sea Cadet 2 Robertson II Prince Rupert Harbor Penny IV John Paul Jones Penny IV John B

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The Mary Celeste

39" x 54" x 2" oil on canvas, framed.

The Mary Celeste was the famous "ghost ship", actually a brigantine,  found without her crew, food still on the table. It was suspected that she was involved in the tax-avoiding whiskey trade of the day (you can see a whisky barrel in my painting...artistic liberty, of course..) She was a derelict found under such mysterious circumstances that Captain David Moorehouse of the Dei Gratia (shown in the background), was tried for murder. His presumed motive was the reward of salvage for the 1701 barrels of whiskey valued at $42,000. on board. There was no sign of her crew of ten, the captain's daughter, wife or even the cat.